SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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  1. Joseph Astier

    No way would we get this kind of machine shop floor tour today.

  2. Simen R


  3. Peter Beza

    7 years ago ! luuuuuuuuuuuuuul

  4. KANFIENI LALLE Nadjagou

    Iron man in reality

  5. Wanly Sahaja

    25:49 me first time using white theme on discord

  6. Doug Billman


  7. Fun tech

    Comment section is more interesting than office

  8. flamingos are dumb

    Can i get one chrome like the gemini suits

  9. Fkgns X

  10. R G

    Just here for a re cap before the 15 km hop

  11. Giriraj Dayal

    Ek Tesla gift kardo boi 😂

  12. Spacexplorer my own version

  13. Alpha

    Why the ads? Space x feeds on HUfast 😂?

  14. Afzal S

    Uff poli😍😍

  15. Lopz

    I have a question about the abort system... Well so say your already in space and the automatic system detects a issue but it’s not an issue are the astronauts ok? Like if they eject when they reach space

    1. Steve Adams

      I’m not sure what you mean by “eject” when they reach space. However, if the Dragon is already in orbit, a problem that jeopardizes the mission would cause them to immediately prepare to do a de-orbit burn and come back to Earth. There are multiple landing zones to which they could abort in an emergency. If the problem wasn’t critical, they would work with ground control to fix the issue, before making any abort decisions. If the problem was such that they couldn’t return, their next step would be to try to make it to the ISS. For example, if the heat shield had somehow been damaged, an immediate return would be dangerous. There are many, many contingencies that are planned for and simulated.

  16. sashrik gupta

    Please plesase please name mars affter Elon's name Me mars Elon's earth Please 🥺 🙏 the guy desereves

  17. Евгений Петров

    Видно что движок горит сверху, и если бы полет был чуть дольше пиз..ц этой поделки из говна и палок.

  18. Spk Spk

    Why did you hurt Jonny depp?

  19. The MYSTERIᗝUS Gírl _11M

    Starts at 3:50

  20. kadar20

    admiro muito esse cara.. ele eh foda.. queria trabalhar na spacex

  21. doliio volay

    HUfast Algorithm is going to recommend me this in 2030 Hello Future me

  22. Guilherme Fernandes


  23. 멜빈

    일론 ~~

  24. KROVEK

    А наwhoя?

  25. Travis Stoaty

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  26. Juan Chanez

    Crew dragon: undocks Bob and Doug were not the impostors

  27. Flaming Shrub


  28. Hassan Elwy Fathy

    2020, he is the second richest man in the world

  29. Space man

    0:23 What is that forming on top of the rocket

  30. Hi Toy's Playz

    It Looks Like Its Edited xD

  31. Mohammad Ocean

    me: **watches video** elon: **struggles to talk infront of camera**

  32. saurav sen

    he accurately described the future which is now the present.

  33. Mr_Hewders

    *Y O U A R E M Y E V E R Y T H I N G*

  34. Rikuto Ito

    I really would love to see cyber truck with NASA logo.

  35. Kamanya

    I could watch this all day.

  36. Taha Bilgi


  37. Conrad Oronyi

    My love for space science brings me here after 8 years. Elon Musk has a brain that will take centuries to get

  38. helliviknow

    I watch this from time to time and get goose bumps every time. Science fiction met reality that day..

  39. A ceiling fan

    Woah that camera man is in creative

  40. Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

    Show me a CEO who spends so much time on the production floor and knows everything about everything :)))

  41. abhishek arora

    Not on the line in returning but some how good landing

  42. Gayatri Pandey

    Elon Musk, one of the kind who can make History!

  43. M.H Sumon

    Thanks Elon

  44. Mates Zizkovsky

    This is how far is Bezos in 2020......

  45. Šubhransu Sekhar sahoo

    They were tony stark 7yrs ago......most probably they have aLso made an IRONMAN suit secretly by now 2020

  46. It's Mendum

    Elon Musk is so ambitious engineer i hope he succeed on what he wants.

  47. Kushal Amruthraj

    usually the irl version to what is shown looks dumber and not as cool , but with spacex its the opposite , the capsule here looks soo obsolete with an escape tower , traditional space suits and a non reusable booster ( first stage ) , imagine showing the demo 2 or the crew1 mission video to elon musk back in 2010 .......

  48. Sumit Dev


  49. Dan Carlo Rata

    rocket boosters: we are going to die ourselves, bye Elon Musk :(

  50. Hans Volksjäger

    I was there in person, amazing job and Godspeed!

  51. 박성범

    Launching Rockets for fun

    1. doliio volay

      satellite stack before released? It looks like a blinking star, maybe a satellite...?

  52. Arjun Dev

    Me: can't hear a thing.. *INCREASES THE VOLUME* Also me: *OHH IT'S SPACE..*

  53. pinoy picker sa US

    hi elon, congrats you are the second riches in america now. because of you and tesla i have a chance to become a millionaire soon or later. is that amazing...

  54. Arvind Lohar

    Ohhh fuck..😮😮😮 it is 10 years ago

  55. Shaurya Balyan

    this loos like me FARTING

  56. santoajay

    That will never happen

  57. Tristan Miller

    lmao looks like a flying wheat cilo

  58. AlphanAkpunar

    *go little pod,GO!*

  59. Shashank Ayush

    Sir can you make suit like iron man?

  60. Shashank Ayush

    You are a the Iron man of reality

  61. Carlito

    5 years later Dragon crew is operational and is very similar to this video

  62. Zed2502

    Your local fireworks show is now live for the locals

  63. Prem Lad

    The shoot for the biopic of Elon musk will be done on planet Mars.

  64. SevenDeMagnus

    Yes. looks like Mars 2024 won't be delayed.

  65. Quick Knowledge

    Rocket says I die with honour instead of getting scolded by the scientists if it reaches in space and doesn't work


    Hey musk you look totally different in this video ❤️

  67. Vitor Alves

    Brasil here

  68. goose gatherer

    Most likely released from a helicopter......and the fools out there always think if fell from space....just like the spinning ball earth real proof necessary or even asked for.....a direct result of having NOTHING keeping your ears apart....just SPACE lolololololololo

  69. goose gatherer

    Fiction for FOOLS......that's YOU.....lololololollo

  70. DR FATE

    So basically I just need permission from the government , money and intelligence to travel space ? Seems legit

  71. MSgt Baca

    Cheesy statement by that female at lift-off. No, your not Armstrong.

  72. Khosbayar Purevjav

    Of course we still love you!

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  74. MSgt Baca

    You would think they could use GOOD cameras on the ground that don't malfunction on landing every single time.

  75. Charles

    For those who still live under a rock & believe everything the news says. We masted Gravity back in the 50s. The Nazis never died! They just moved to Antártica. They managed to build a Time Machine & Reverse engineer a UFO! Keep in mind in the 50s that’s like 70years. The government literally has Space Stations up in the moon and Mars. Musk knows that himself. Also there is oxygen on mars. It pretty much looks like the Grand Canyon everywhere technically. I’m pretty sure they are doing weather experiments there by now. Musk knows why leaving Earth is the only option. He knows something is catastrophic is going to happen. Unfortunately him and his fellow 1% colleagues will dip while we idiots stay down here including myself. Also not to mention the 80 species of extraterrestrial there is that we know of. Some are literally humanoid. For those who question Reptilians. They are real and are among us. Its in the movies. Omuamua the suppose asteroid probe was actually a Space Ship itself. Couple years ago these Aliens or humanoids known as tall whites showed up. It was 2 and both females. They worked for the U.S AirForce in Nevada and actually went shopping. Well they look just like us. SpaceX is technically the next NASA since we don’t trust nasa anymore. There is so much I know more but My fingers are tired from typing. Stay Woke! Elon Is Not Your Friend!!!!! Peace Out ✌️

  76. abhishek arora

    World needs him that is sure he's amazing

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  78. Chris Biggs

    Beginning looks like the fairing is cgi

  79. Jerry Peacock

    The astronaut that brought a baby Yoda doll tho XD