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    SpaceX and NASA are targeting Sunday, November 15 for Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s first operational crew mission (Crew-1) to the International Space Station (ISS) from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous launch window opens at 7:27 p.m. EST on November 15, 00:27 UTC on November 16. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The launch webcast will go live about 4 hours before liftoff. Tune in here to watch live.

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    1. Taha Bilgi


    2. Gayatri Pandey

      Elon Musk, one of the kind who can make History!

    3. Vitor Alves

      Brasil here

    4. MSgt Baca

      Cheesy statement by that female at lift-off. No, your not Armstrong.

    5. the Phoenix of internal flame.

      When are we going to mars?

    6. Arthur Osokins

      2:05:00 I love these ninjas.

    7. rj31789

      52:18 The gangs all here

    8. Bwale Chanda

      Who came back here after watching the first humans land on Mars?

    9. Daniel Betts

      I’d love to become a part of this program somehow.. I feel as though the next step in the progression of mankind is lying at our forefront, with Elon Musk heading the charge. I, for one, would like to applaud SpaceX for their innumerable accomplishments. If mankind is to become a multi-planetary species, this is where it will begin. I personally want to be on the cutting edge of discovery day in and day out in an effort to make a stride in this advancement. So much so that I am prepared to dedicate my entire existence to the furtherance of this program. Our generation has produced some of the most amazing technology humankind has seen, thus I believe we will be the generation that breaks the cycle of history. It is important to note, however, that the days of a model T Ford were lengthy before the arrival of such luxuries as the modern rolls Royce. Many mistakes were made, many new challenges arose, but ultimately we overcame them and rose to now use this technology to assist us in our daily lives. This invention was the last major revolution that completely transformed human travel. Reliance upon a living species was no longer necessary for us to get from one place to another. Like many things in this world, the invention of the automobile was not widely accepted at first. In fact, many years passed before the integration of vehicles fully consumed the once booming era of the horse and buggy. Yet, here we are. Autonomous vehicles are being produced as we speak. We have progressed exponentially since then. That being said, I believe that in a similar respect Elon Musk is on the verge of altering the way humans travel in the future. There are a number of generations between Henry Ford and Elon musk, but both men fought for the same prize. The advancement of mankind. Henry Ford in his day, Elon Musk in ours. Only, Elon will go down in history as much more than just a man who invented a rocket. The man who revolutionized life for mankind suits the inventor far more appropriately. Along with the mind of Mr. Musk, a team of highly educated individuals painstakingly progress through trial and error day in and day out to March humanity to its virgin frontier. Much earned respect is given to those who have dedicated so much of their lives to get us to where we are today. Thank you from all of us. -Daniel Betts

    10. Toonas Seiler


    11. Empty

      pls Mars

    12. Vyacheslav

      Хотелось бы верить, что Маск не на стороне Гейтса.

    13. aola wili

      This is great, its important that US keep advancing in technology

    14. matjeng jebong

      Want to be like the Star Wars movies, even a single creature or alien cannot be detected.or found.

    15. Poontang

      I fully trust Elon to pull us out of the gutter. Us meaning earth I mean his idea is that they will be sending multiple people to space on a daily basis and traveling even more of the universe like Mars. I might not get to see the extent of what his work does and I’m younger then him but I’m hopeful that my grandchildren’s children will be able to go to space like it’s a normal thing

    16. Алекс Мамаев

      Good thoughts. Thank you for such amazing work! I met a lot of projects are helped by other specialized teams and platforms. So I didn’t know the Geeq was built by duckdao. Did you hear anything about DuckDuo before?

      1. aola wili

        4:12:15 Launch

    17. I am a Diver

      Space x advence team uniform look like ninja with the sticks in bis back 1:21:21

    18. Frederick Schwank

      Cool story bro.

    19. Danny Engelbert

      How long will this fuckery continue??

    20. sayra mejia-negrete

      The suits looks great it looks like there from the future

    21. Nicole Dodge

      Go America! Way to go Trump for breathing new life into the space program!

    22. yidna girhu

      Drop water pressure to electric DC to gases gasses to top burn to make water all in a cylinder cool sides with power pressure pushing water through cone in bottom pressure to electric water always replenished from the burn drop water./

      1. yidna girhu

        for space, you can also try to propel yourself with your rigging by firing enclosed... perpetual fuel.

      2. yidna girhu

        for mars, earth dry or cold otherwise condense and drop. and spinning in space.

    23. H. H.

      "...and the rocket's red glare!..." Well, that's appropriate. "...the bombs bursting in air!..." um... I hope not this time.

      1. yuoop noke


    24. Sean Coleman

      You need to get rid of the new nasa woman who won't shut up. She is nowhere as good as your young inspirational engineer. She got really close to talking over your countdown girl who is the best voice of all.

      1. yuoop noke

        Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    25. Classic Ok

      Hi, very professional work! Did you invest it? and what what is your opinion about platform? They have a very simple idea to help new projects reveal themself and give them financial help.

    26. Seno Seno

      Good job fair

    27. J Palmer

      Nice motorcycle suits.

    28. Smoky_child

      Wait... how tf did i miss this?😭😭

    29. Marvin Clarence

      Personal opinion: I think the old regular timeline bar (like on the FH Demo Mission) is the best. You can see all events until the end of mission, unlike the new one where some of it cannot be seen

    30. Marvin Clarence

      Why didn’t you use the regular timeline bar? It looks better and it would enable us to see future events

    31. Jul Ian

      4:12:15 Launch

      1. mikea hiooi


    32. LN G

      Seriously, SpaceX astronaut suits look ridiculous. They look like stormtroopers with rubber boots. The traditional nasa-suits look way cooler.

      1. LN G

        @mikea hiooi huh?

      2. mikea hiooi

        revolution is a good example of Humanity versus time to evolve with the technology but now with the Electronic and Communication age and new innovations every few month

    33. Ndonyo Soko

      Daaam, now covid is in space. They will infect some innocent aliens.

    34. Паша Марабу

      We also have such a missile in Russia. In the warehouse in kapotna lies. If necessary, we will launch it!

    35. Wheeled Skeptic


    36. OlSkunGun PS4

      Girls looking at that rocket launching into space can picture what is beeing a man attached to a penis all his life

    37. Wam Tum

      Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    38. Aga G


    39. Rodra167

      You crew members are so brave...I’m getting nauseated just watching! You couldn’t offer me a million to do this. I commend your courage!

    40. 5dmc1

      4:16:00 why is the engine on the right pulsing like a heartbeat?

    41. М Viktor

      Все красивыедевушки

      1. bilishu aliss

        Space travel for all in 2120

    42. М Viktor

      В это же время на Кубе плохо с едой, Юрдаган не хочет Минитмэн у себя поставить, а американцы не хотят на Луну лететь. Many!

      1. bilishu aliss


    43. М Viktor

      Хэллуин закончился, а клоуны разбрелись

    44. М Viktor

      В Союзе ССР создали микросхему с 1001 ножкой и двумя ручками для переноки

    45. Doodle Fings

      Just like to put the Mercury 7 here :)

    46. Eric Swain

      SpaceX Looks great on the surface, I am all for the conquest of space and exploration but Elon Musk Vison that's just an Illusion sold to the duped drone public who are blinded by the wonders of Technology who are on their way to a Muniulated controlled world by Elon Musk and the like and the artificial intelegence you are funding to take over your humanity. Humanity Must ! evolve beyond our technology lest it takes over humanity. Innovation and Technology are fine when kept in balance with humanity. The industrial revolution is a good example of Humanity versus time to evolve with the technology but now with the Electronic and Communication age and new innovations every few months we are rapidly losing that balance as evidence of the Wars, Corruption, Greed, Power, Money Etc..... looming in the world creating Stress and Degradation and Aberration in the world.

    47. Wolf Silicon

      Flatearthers:"if they really flew, they wouldn't be wearing jackboots."

    48. Алекс Мамаев

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      Next up.... Starship!

    51. hattiman man

      I am god. I am everything so worship me. I will give you long life. I am a real god. I am everything and you are controlled by me so worship me. Thank you

    52. hattiman man

      I am god. I am everything so worship me. I will give you long life. I am a real god. I am everything and you are controlled by me so worship me. Thank you

      1. gioyu comi

        Who did not follow the broadcast completely, I mean, when the broadcast time ends, I am like me

    53. Wyatt E.

      virtue signal on max

      1. gioyu comi

        nice videosI’m living for this video!!!!

    54. bilinas mini

      "The rocket needs to be more POINTY" "The shape of the rocket has no effect on the payload delivery" "more pointy!"

    55. jake glenn


    56. Indie Fury

      Space travel for all in 2120

    57. Skilled

      I wish they showed the camera were they were seated when they were in air

    58. Delvizual

      The Martians will be rolling on the floor, laughing at middle aged men dressed in skin tight PVC "space" suites. For the love of god Elon, please redesign them :)

      1. bilinas mini

        Happy every day

    59. Lol Lol

      god bless

    60. зубы потеют

      Мне интересно, если рогозина турнут и он прийдёт в спейс х 🤭 и попросится на работу 🤣 якобы он имеет опыт работы со всем что связано с космосом и чёрными дырами?

    61. Belson Pineda

      Hola alguien que hable español

    62. 詩人

      I'm so happy. Because Japanese is be elected d. Thank you from Japan.

    63. 詩人


    64. TheSuslik84


    65. TheSuslik84


    66. Lumine Lee


    67. doliio volay

      I love this crew and I've prayed for their safe journey to and from the ISS. Thank you Nasa, SpaceX and our Lord God Almighty.

    68. PETER

      Who did not follow the broadcast completely, I mean, when the broadcast time ends, I am like me

    69. Robert Newton

      I love the great flight suits ,who say's fashion isn't needed when your riding on top of a fiery dragon .

    70. John S

      Too bad the post-election antics of Trump put a damper on this wonderful mission. He only wants attention on himself, nobody else matters.

      1. doliio volay

        @SpaceX thank a lot... Mr. Elon musk is such a mind blowing person

    71. Makezyy

      Like holyyy, something about 14 minutes and they got speed of 27 000 km/h! :D

    72. GeoSciful

      Impressive how space technology evolved from something like a world war submarine to something you could buy tickets to ride on comfortably like an airliner.

    73. Jan De Bie

      Does anybody know what this project costs ?

    74. levengeur masquer

      the link for french puppet the sound of univers :

    75. Michael Strickland

      Seems a bit sexist that ALL the casters are females? Have we become so PC conscious that we've swung the pendulum to the opposite side? Retarded humans.

    76. Wookie Cookie

      Those suits look so slick

    77. Zee

      Where they going

    78. Shantelle Glab

      Go SpaceX! On to the moon, mars and beyond!

    79. Fuck You

      this is fucking epic!

    80. Ospry

      А роскосмос в очередной раз заглотнул

    81. Илья Пищ

      Yes GO SPACEX!!!!GO TO THE MARS!!!!😁😁😁

    82. Ella Bell

      i went to Titusville in florida on the indian river and saw it! It was so worth driving hours.

    83. 서태민

      와 진짜 대단하다.. 사람을 태우고 우주로 날려버리고, 서브엔진이라고 해야 하나 그건 지난번에 성공했을때와 똑같이 지상으로 내려가고~ 성공을 축하드려요~

    84. Pawan Bhandari

      @SpaceX thank a lot... Mr. Elon musk is such a mind blowing person

    85. alex hebert

      Every one in childhood has a dream to become an astronaut...

    86. Maurice Cardinal

    87. Maurice Cardinal

      More fakery. Aahahaah. keep believing their lies people. They need the TV indoctrinated to pass this ball earth as real. It's beyond ridiculous. The horse manure is thick here!

    88. Слава Кильев

      Цирк с конями

    89. sokin jon

      Every one in childhood has a dream to become an astronaut...

    90. 麻生 Q次郎

      4:16:24 Rat?! 鼠おるやん

      1. Atlas


      2. 詩人


    91. CortyTheGamer

      I was here for the whole thing. It was an amazing thing to watch.

    92. Mo Mentum

      I was here. Alive. What a sight to witness.

    93. Warren Kawamoto

      I wonder how many times Crew 1 watched this video while aboard the space station? lol

    94. Jason Thomas

      Is there any views from inside the Dragon during liftoff that anyone knows about?

    95. Astronacademy

      Go SpaceX!! This launch was incredible, I can't wait to see more!! 🙌

    96. Raketlina space express

    97. Ker Loz

      "The rocket needs to be more POINTY" "The shape of the rocket has no effect on the payload delivery" "more pointy!"

    98. Rage

      This is amazing


      Униформа персонала как из фильмов ужасов. А скафандры наоборот, комичны и выглядят бутафорскими. Если произойдет нештатная ситуация, маловероятно, что эти, так называемые, скафандры спасут астронавтов.